Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wasted fuel, damaged air: the numbers for Halifax

People ask: "how do you come up with those numbers...the amount of gas that's wasted and CO2 pumped into the air,"---by people idling?

Natural Resources Canada does that work for us. Simply visit here: The CO2 Calculator

You'll find an easy to use calculator where you can plug in idling time and cost-per-litre for gas, and voila, you have the damage.

HRM is broken down into several areas whereby you can actually identify the numbers for specific areas like Dartmouth, Lower Sackville, Eastern Passage, Hammonds Plains and so on.

For Lower Sackville, as an example, I used 9 minutes a day of idling at $1.00 a litre for gas. Here's the results:

If every driver of a light-duty vehicle in Lower Sackville avoided idling for 9 minutes a day, they could prevent 7.84 tonne(s) of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each day.

That's 2,859.93 tonne(s) per year!

That's enough CO2 to fill The Sackville High gymnasium 486 times.

Motorists in Lower Sackvile could collectively avoid wasting 3,320.1 litres of fuel worth $3,320.10. On an annual basis, that's savings of 1,211,836.5 litres worth: $1,211,836.48.

Click on IDLE-FREE bucks on the right. Keep one as a reminder in your car; you'll save yourself several fill-ups a year by avoiding idling for just ten minutes a day.