Thursday, September 21, 2006

The perfect way to approach people on STOPPING THEIR ENGINES.

There’s a lot of underlying support for the idea of cutting back on idling in Halifax Regional Municipality. HRM has had surveys done in which people said that poor air quality was a key concern and that 80 per cent of people would stop idling if they were reminded.

Many grown ups are uncomfortable approaching other adults to ask them to shut their car off when they’re parked. I know—I started out that way myself. Until the notion of this simple tool came along.

Try printing off your own IDLE FREE hundred dollar bills. Simply walk up to someone idling and ask them: “how would you like some free gas money?” About 98 per cent of the time their eyes light up and they say “sure!” Hand them this hundred dollar bill. Nine times out of ten, a wry smile comes across their face as they turn their car off.

Often times they say, “hey, this is a great idea. Thanks for reminding me. I keep forgetting.” The kids’ artwork on the front reinforces how important an issue poor air quality is for kids.

Click on the hundred dollar bill for your two-sided bills featuring idling myths.

If you want to see the IDLE FREE BUCKS work almost 100 per cent of the time, have your child present the bill to the person idling. You’ll be touched by the response. They’re humbled by the realization that a member of a future generation is asking them to consider their present habits.

*****ONLINE EXTRA Going green or clean isn’t just for “tree-huggers” anymore. It’s mainstream politics and business in the U.S.

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