Monday, October 16, 2006

Mothers, the media and The Children’s Clean Air Network

How would mothers would react if they saw a group of other adults smoking outside an elementary school? What if mothers were reminded of the fact that their car exhaust can be far worse on little lungs? What would they do?

The challenge is in reaching as many mothers as possible.

Mothers and the media are very important to The Children’s Clean Air Network. That’s why I’ll be pleased to appear on an upcoming installment of “Just Between Us” on CJCH radio.

Protecting their children’s welfare and air is a hot issue for moms everywhere. The challenge is getting them (like the rest of us) to remember to shut off their cars whenever possible.

HRM has had surveys done in which people said that poor air quality was a key concern and that 80 per cent of people would stop idling if they were reminded. That’s why print and broadcast media is so important. It’s part of the mix to reach as many people as possible to remind them about turning off their car or truck whenever parked.

That simple act alone, done together as citizens—mothers and fathers across Halifax, would save 5 million litres of fuel and avoid pumping 10,000 tonnes of CO2 and other bad elements into our kids’ air. And that’s if everyone avoided idling when parked for just 10 minutes per day. You’ll see lots of people and business fleets idling for much longer than that.

The Children’s Clean Air Network has received media exposure in The Chronicle Herald, The Halifax Daily News, The Bedford Sackville Weekly News, CBC Radio’s Mainstreet, and Live at Five on CTV.

Constant reminders in the media are critically important. Soon, The Children’s Clean Air Network will begin airing a series of compelling public service announcements featuring kids, on participating radio stations. It’s intended to reach idling moms and dads on their
car radios.

We’re pleased to report that 920 CJCH radio will soon talk about the issue for mothers. It’s hosted by three moms who relate to women on many hot topics. Click on their photo below to see upcoming program details.

Another great example of a mother in action, a mother who won’t rest, a mother who’s thinking about her kids’ future all of the time, is Anna-Maria Galante…who’s captured media attention of her own. Visit her blog here.