Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kids plead with grown-ups in video: stop your engines

Kids want adults to stop idling their vehicles whenever possible. Needless idling is affecting their health and the future of their planet. It also costs a lot of money.

The Children’s Clean Air Network (CCAN) is a network of like-minded partners with one goal in mind for Halifax Regional Municipality: reducing vehicle emissions which will improve the quality of our air and reduce the threat from climate change. CCAN was born out of a grassroots reduced-idling campaign in Kingswood subdivision (www.kingswood.ca).

Like-minded partner organizations include: Clean Nova Scotia, The Ecology Action Centre, The Lung Association of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Regional School Board. CCAN also collaborates with local environmental and business organizations, including the Eco-Efficiency Centre.

CCAN seeks to apply its strategies and tactics across HRM to assist the municipality in becoming a Canadian leader in reducing vehicle emissions. Needless vehicle emissions are a serious threat to the health and future of our children and a waste of resources. CCAN seeks to educate the public on the seriousness of this threat and to help children be heard on this issue.